Nybble 机器猫
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Nybble is the lightest and fastest robotic cat that really walks. Built on an open source platform, Nybble has endless possibilities in the way you can "teach" tricks, behaviors, and CAT-itude as you program it and help it grow. You can even mount a Raspberry Pi to help Nybble think!

Nybble is also the first product of OpenCat, the most respected DIY project on Hackster.io. Check out how Nybble would grow up to, and make friends by communicating with other Nybble owners!


Nybble is not only a robotic cat that walks, it's a new type of pet - an advanced robotic kitten that YOU bring to life with a small computer, customizable software, a basic components kit, and whatever upgrades you can imagine!


Nybble's motion is driven by an Arduino compatible micro-controller. It stores instinctive "muscle memory" to move around. An optional AI chip, such as Raspberry Pi can be mounted on top of Nybble's back, to help Nybble with perception and decision. You can program in your favorite language, and direct Nybble walk around simply by sending short commands, such as "walk" or "turn left"!

Follow the instructions, or don’t.

You can check the most current tutorial. We also have a tutorial playlist with detailed instructions. Stick with the included software, find hacks and customizations from the worldwide community, or push the envelope and write your own mods. Think up your own look and bring it to life with paint, craft supplies, 3D printing, or whatever else feels right. Join our growing community on our website www.petoi.com, make friends, challenge each other and each other’s kittens.


大陆读者请移步优酷 (readers from mainland China can see it here): http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzQxMzA1NjM0OA==.html?spm=a2h3j.8428770.3416059.1 

Update Oct 2018: 

I'm launching an Indiegogo campaign now at igg.me/at/nybble with a brand new kit, Nybble! 

There’s a new Hackster post on Nybble. 

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The codes are posted on Github: 


Thank you! Mentioned on IEEE: 

Spectrum: https://spectrum.ieee.org/automaton/robotics/humanoids/video-friday-boston-dynamics-spotmini-opencat-robot-engineered-arts-mesmer-uncanny-valley 

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Update Aug 2020: 

I'm launching our second product, Petoi Bittle on Kickstarter! 



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