Wikifactory 社区化设计与生产平台
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Wikifactory is a social design and production platform.Think of it as a combination of: 

1. an online community of designers, engineers, makers, technologists and other creative problem solvers, and 

2. a set of collaboration tools designed to help you and your team work on digital fabrication projects of all stages and sizes. 

 Wikifactory是一个社会化设计与生产平台. 把它看作是这样一种组合: 

1. 设计师、工程师、制造者、技术专家和其他创造性问题解决者的在线社区,

2. 一套协作工具,旨在于各阶段和不同体量的制造项目上帮助您和您的团队.

Whether you're looking to get involved in one of our communities' open source projects or start your own, you're a startup in the run up to a kickstarter campaign or a company looking to innovate openly - Wikifactory is a product development platform inspired by how agile, distributed and transparent teams work best. 



About Wikifactory

Wikifactory is the fastest place on the web to get a physical product made with just a laptop and an internet connection. Zero training and zero configuration required. Wikifactory has a global community of nearly 50,000 engineers, designers, makers and over 100 hardware startups across 190 countries. They’ve made over 2500 products across industries: drones for reforestation, electric vehicles and future tech (hyperloop pods and flying cars), agri-tech solutions, smart furniture and IoT devices, robotics, biotech lab equipment, and most recently medical devices and PPE during Covid-19. Our mission is to reshape the global supply chain. 

The idea for Wikifactory came about when the founders worked together on Wikihouse, one of the first ever open source hardware projects. Why stop at a house? Anyone should be able to make anything anywhere. Wikifactory is rethinking manufacturing for the digital age. Building an Internet of Production to match the internet of knowledge. With offices in Madrid and Shenzhen, its team is truly global with four founders from international backgrounds. 

The platform includes a 3D Viewer that can visualise more than 30 file formats, a version control drive to manage changes, a documentation system and even social functionalities including comments, views, shares, likes, issues tracking for feedback, and forums for debate. It also has a built-in publishing tool for blogs by users into which our community can not only publish A/V content but also CAD files. Wikifactory was founded in 2018 by Tom Salfield, Christina Rebel, Maximilian Kampik and Nicolai Pietersen. Join our community and build something today.

Wikifactory Ltd. 

2nd Floor Windsor House 

40/41 Great Castle Street 

London W1W 8LU England

Wikifactory Ltd. is a company registered in England and Wales with Company number 94321115 and VAT number 286 849 241. 

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